Maternity & Infant


Maternity Massage

Our staff is trained in using a body support cushion that allows expectant mothers to lay face down like they would for a normal massage without putting pressure on their babies. The body support cushion is designed for our prenatal clients to take the weight off their lower backs while supporting them on their hips. Bellies are designed to be hammocked in the sheets without pressure on the belly to give mommy’s and babies ideal comfort. Our maternity massages are for all expectant mothers and is safe in all trimesters as long as you are experiencing a uncomplicated pregnancy.We have no restrictions on how early or late in pregnancy.


Infant Classes/ Massage

Destiny is certified to teach and walk parents through the process of massage our children. She currently uses these techniques on her children which has brought great relief for her son when he was colicky and has issues with gas. Classes are set up as 1 on 1, a 1 time class, or a series of 1 time a week for 5 weeks. Massaging your baby has the same effects on them as adults plus you also get that time to connect with your baby and put all distractions aside to really focus on your little. Take home folders will help you step by step and have great reading material. To learn more about currently classes, pricing or for more information please click below.