Mon Amour 3D/4D Imaging


We are so excited to welcome Alyssa to our team

I decided to open up Mon Amour imaging because I am passionate about providing you and your family a bonding experience like no other. By taking pictures of your baby before they are born, revealing the gender, and allowing your family to watch the baby play around in a relaxed setting, I am offering a truly special and memorable service. I love my job and the medical aspect of ultrasound, but since medical ultrasounds are not for entertainment purposes, it limits my ability to create a bonding experience for you and your family. My hobby outside of working as a diagnostic medical sonographer is photography. I feel Mon amour 3D/4D imaging is a perfect mix of both what I love to do professionally and as a hobby. I love being able to view a baby while still in the womb and take pictures of them because it still amazes me. The reactions from the expecting parents and their family is truly priceless. I look forward to meeting you, your precious baby and your family. 

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