A place to unwind and restore your body.


Our mission at Natural Tranquility is to treat our clients with individuality. Each of our clients who walk through our door have different goals then the next; so we are committed to making sure each service provided is unique to your goals each and every time. We address issues related to stress, tension, muscle pain and stiffness, auto accidents, workers compensation and much more. Our therapists are all state licensed and specialize in different types of massage services so we are better equipped to handle all types of conditions and ailments. When booking with our office we will ask several questions to ensure that you are placed with a therapist who specialize in exactly what you are looking for and will work with your goals.

Destiny Yeager opened Natural Tranquility in Jan. 2015, since then it has grown from a 2 room office which was shared and only offer massage to an office which accommodates 3 massage therapists, a cosmetologist, a 3D/4D ultrasound tech, sauna services and facials. The goal is still the same no matter how big her dreams get which is providing clients with specialized sessions to help achieve goals specific to each individual.