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Upcoming Classes & Events

Embracing Motherhood
May 5, 2019

Come celebrate your motherhood! This event is held at the Hampton Inn in Shamokin Dam from 9-4. We will be offering 30 min 3D/4D scans or gender reveals, chair massages, mini facials, and flower workshop. Tickets must be prepaid $85 to Destiny at 570-316-2468 or email d.yeager1013@gmail.com

5 Week Infant Massage Series
April 9, 16, 23, 30 & May 7, 2019

During 5 weeks parents will learn in a step by step process as each week builds on the previous week. This give parents time to review the steps they learned at home and come back with any questions they might have. This also gives families time to talk with other parents at the end of each class. Please bring a doll baby or stuffed animal and blanket to each class.

Group Infant Class
June 8, 2019

This 1 time class that is approximately 1.5 to 2 hours long teaches you the steps of infant massage, the benefits and contraindications to massage for infants. All families will be sent home with a massage oil and a folder full of information. Please bring a baby doll or stuffed animal and blankets to class.


Services &

Online Booking

We offer many type of massages, facials, sauna services, foot treatments, body scrubs, wraps, back treatments, paraffin, aromatherapy, and salt stone upgrades. You can also book online to find our earliest appointment to fit your schedule.


Mon Amour Imaging

Alyssa has joined our office and provides prenatal 3D/4D imaging and gender reveal scans. Her goal is to provide you with a comfortable and non medical space to watch your baby and share the excitement with your family.


Maternity & Infant Massage

We have services and classes that are tailored to our expectant mothers and their babies. Maternity massages are done on a body cushion that allows you to lay on your stomach without putting pressure on the belly and will not cause harm to the baby. After you deliver we also have classes that will help you bond with your newborn while teaching you how to massage your baby.